COMPUTATIONBASED BASIC DESIGN@BİLGİ features a multidisciplinary design studio for undergraduate students of architecture, interior design and industrial design. The purpose of the studio is to develop a new generation design education milieu by integrating 1:1 scale construction experience through an understanding of materials and computational design+manufacturing technologies.


The main objective of the studio is to develop creative ways of design thinking and constructing through materials, geometry and recent technologies. Computational technologies and means, rather than just being tools, inhabit a capable design logic that requires an alteration of settled educational habits and pedagogues. The pedagogical intentions of the studio is to foster an awareness to the nature of things, materials, technologies and their close/far environment.


In the final project of the students are first asked to search for the material they would work with. This demand directs them to the city and let them discover places where they may find required materials for their projects. They experience the city with a different concern, searching for material resources. They then begin questioning the nature of the material; its flexibility, strength, weakness etc. Rather than forcing the material into forms which doesn’t fit its nature, they reveal and discover shapes and geometries according to material performance. Thus they become capable of designing and constructing 1:1 scale material systems. Scale of the Project requires group work through which students gain skills of sharing design ideas, working together and finalizing a design work in collaboration.






computation-based basic design@bilgi 2017