FALL - Basic Design I

This course aims to help students understand the world through abstraction and conceptualization of their surroundings: shapes, forms, figures, colors, textures, materials, scales, space(s) and like -and use these understandings to produce organizations: designs as compilations, compositions, arrangements and rearrangements. Series of assignments intend to develop the skills of students in simultaneous efforts of analysis (reading/decoding) and development (writing/encoding) of relationships. While requirements and restrictions help them concentrate on specific aspects of design thinking, hands-and-minds-on experimentation within the 2-D or 3-D design space expand the possibilities.
The product and the process are equally valued in the design studio. The process is a semi-individual one which is supported via critical discussions during the studio sessions. The students develop skills in communication and evaluation design ideas while taking the first steps in critical design thinking. The process, as well as the product, is achieved via logging, sketching, taking notes and photographing.

SPRING - Basic Design II

Basic Design II is the second semester design studio during which you will advance the concepts you became familiar in Basic Design I. The discoveries related to compositions, compilations, arrangements and re-arrangements from the first semester studio are explored with higher concentration on the two basic components of design: void and material. By the weekly and monthly assignments you will explore void(s) and material(s) as components of organized sequences, hubs, clusters and containers. The role of surfaces, solids and voids in design will be discussed further by the final project on material-based 1:1 self-supporting
construction systems. Concentrating on material properties will help you expand the ideas related to connections and detailing in construction. The computational technologies will again be an inherent part of the studio, supporting if not driving the studies.

studio life

Moments from studio discussions, working sessions

Campus and studio facilities,  physical environment


Instances from past exhibitions, student works